If you are looking for wonderful sights, interesting skiing trails in a relaxing region, come to Gołdap and stay at Rudziewicz Inn Piękna Góra.



Skiing slopes

The winter season 2017/2018


Trails and lifts

For the fans of alpine skiing, Piękna Góra has 2 t-bar lifts and a two-chair lift, the latter located next to the lodge near the longest trail, which provide access to the slope and lets you ski down almost right up to the door of the lodge. There is also space sectioned off to provide a safe area for beginner skiers and a special trail for the children next to low ski lift.

Snow Park

For the more proficient snowboarders we offer the best snow park in the region. The slopes are additionally covered with snow and prepared using a snow tractor, and also illuminated after dark. At the trail, you can ask a skiing instructor for advice. Parents can safely send their children to a skiing kindergarten. Right next to the ski lifts, there is an equipment rental for alpine skiing and snowboarding, and the cash register. The rental also has equipment for children as well as safety helmets. During breaks between skiing, you can visit the revolving café. A full revolution takes approximately 50 minutes and the wonderful sights will make a fabulous addition to a superb coffee. You can also relax in front of a fireplace at the restaurant located at the bottom of the t-bar ski lifts.

Skiing school

If you cannot ski or snowboard – that’s not a problem. Just make an appointment for a lesson conducted by professional instructors. We recommend MASTER skiing and snowboarding school. More information available at: phone: 503-435-797 or at www.master-szkola.pl.

Lifts – prices

Name of the ski lift and length of the trail Working day ride price Weekend * and holiday ride price
Chair lift for a 750m trail 30 pkt =3,00 zł 35 pkt = 3,50 zł
T-bar lift for a 350 m trail  17 pkt = 1,70 zł 23 pkt = 2,30 zł
T-bar lift for a 650 m trail 23 pkt = 2,30 zł 33 pkt = 3,30 zł
Low ski lift for a 200 m trail 13 pkt = 1,30 zł 15 pkt = 1,50 zł

* weekends: Friday from 04.00 pm till Sunday to 10.00 pm

Season tickets require a deposit of 20 zł The purchased points are valid only for the current season (2015/2016) Unused points are not reimbursable.

Services – prices

Service Price
Full restoration of ski and snowboard sliding surface * 60 zł
Sharpening and polishing of ski edges 15 zł
Waxing the skis 10 zł
Mounting of ski and snowboard bindings 25-50 zł
Full restoration of a snowboard ** 70 zł
Sharpening and polishing of snowboard edges 30 zł
Waxing the snowboard 25 zł

* filling defects, evening out the sliding surfaces, sharpening edges and hot waxing

** filling defects, evening out the sliding surfaces, sharpening and polishing of waxed edges

Service: tel. 667-356-448

Equipment rental – prices

Rental period Price
1 hour 11 zł
2 hours 16 zł
One whole day 36 zł

Individual guests, staying at Rudziewicz Inn are eligible for 20 % discount for seasonal tickets or equipment.

Groups of over 20 people, staying at Rudziewicz Inn are eligible for 30 % discount for seasonal tickets or equipment.