From May until the end of October, you can go on a bloodless safari at our enclosure for wild animals. This enclosure is located in the village of Zatyki, at the foot of Tatarska Góra and is called "Rudziewicz Family Eco Farm".


Eco Farm


This farm is unique in the region, because on an area of approx. 300 ha of fenced land, in a beautiful, green area spotted with hills and water basins, you can see herds of fallow deer, elk, Manchurian sika deer, wild boar, and wild and domestic pig hybrids. It is also the only place in Europe where red deer lives. There are also mouflon sheep, wild Barbary sheep, Przewalski’s horses, Tarpans, long-haired yaks, guanaco, almas, horses, ponies, Highland and Hereford cows, Cameroon sheep, goats, and even zebras and camels. You can go bird watching and admire white-tailed eagles, cranes, herons, and cormorants nesting in the marshes. There are also exotic birds: ostriches, peacocks, and pheasants. You take the sightseeing tour is an ATV, which gives the trip even more flavour.

A special area on the farm is the island, designed to resemble a Yotvingian settlement, connected with the land by a drawbridge. On the island, grand dinners are organised, including bonfires and a great deal of live music, grilled or pot dishes.

The fans of extreme sports can additionally enjoy crossing the ponds and unreachable areas in an amphibious vehicle, while those who seek peace and quiet can relax taking a trip in a gondola.

The safari is a unique feature in our region; it is well worth seeing. It will definitely be popular with the young nature admirers. Please, do not forget to bring your camera with you. These wonderful landscapes and animals are worth recording.

The ecological farm offers the following attractions

  • Safari
    • Cost: Groups of up to 8 people – 160 zł. Groups over 8 people – 20 zł per person. Children under 4 – free
    • Maximum number of participants: 50 people
    • Duration: approx. one hour
  • Amphibious vehicle tour
    • Cost: one trip 300 zł
    • Maximum number of participants: 30 people
    • Duration: approx. 20 minutes
  • Gondola tour
    • Groups over 12 people - 10 zł per person. Groups of up to 12 people - one trip 300 zł
    • Maximum number of participants: 12 people
    • Duration: approx. 30 minutes

After the safari

box-wyspa2After the safari, you can order a meal, such as grill or bonfire on the Yotvingian island. We provide the firewood and skewers for sausages. We offer a varied menu including specialities from our kitchen. We especially recommend fish fried over a bonfire and a hearty goulash soup, Hula-Gula (game, vegetables, and flour dumplings). Groups with their own provisions can opt for a bonfire on the beach, outside the safari park. We collect a one-off fee of 30 zł for firewood and sausage skewers. Trips are organised every day. We start at 9.00 am, next groups are arranged for: 10.30 am, 12.00 pm, 1.30pm, 3.00 pm and 4.30 pm.

Have a look and decide if you want to visit us

Entrance to the Eco Farm

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Date reservations

If you wish to book a date, please contact us at this phone number: (87) 615 49 43 or 509 951 368.