Visit the newly opened bowling alley at Rudziewicz Inn Piękna Góra. Bowling is an excellent way to spend a weekend evening in an atmosphere of friendly, sports competition.



Bowling alley


Opening hours

MONDAY – FRIDAY: 15:00 – 22:00


  • 35 zł per hour.

Bowling shoes – gratis.

Please book at Rudziewicz Inn reception desk at (87) 615 49 43.

About the bowling alley

One of the main attractions of Rudziewicz Inn is the bowling alley; it is equipped with two bowling tracks of 25.51 m. Bowling is an easy and pleasurable game and a popular sport. Anyone can go bowling, both adults as well as children. If it is necessary, our staff will give you advice and teach you how to play the game; they will also help you select the appropriate equipment and will demonstrate how to bowl. The bowling alley also has pool table.